Website System Feature Details

Developed Specifically for the MHC Industry

We consulted MHC Owners, Property Managers and On-Site Managers during our Software Development Process. One of the most important (and most difficult) things for Software Companies to understand is what our users really need. At times we build software for ourselves, not our clients. MHC Sitebuilder Systems made usability the Primary Goal, our features are very easy to understand and quick to use.

Domain Name with Email Accounts

MHC Sitebuilder websites all include a domain name. We can also use your domain name if you already have a website and want to keep your existing domain name. We will set up company email accounts for you during the initial website setup process.

SEO Optimized Websites

Search Engine Optimization is what makes your site show up higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. MHC Sitebuilder Websites are built with SEO in mind. Many Website Companies require SEO Tune Ups and SEO Consulting as additional Services. Our sites do not require SEO Tune Ups. All SEO Consulting and Service is included.

Pricing for Life

MHC Sitebuilder LLC will never increase prices or reduce services for existing clients. We believe that our price point is affordable and a great value for your investment.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

We do not require contracts. We charge an initial setup fee, but there is no ongoing contract. Everything is included with your monthly service charge.

No Additional Hourly Fees, Everything is included

If you need technical support, SEO Updates, or simply have questions we are available to help you at no additional cost.

Mobile Device Support for All Website Features

Reports and Data indicate that by 2013 websites will be receiving more traffic from mobile devices than traditional computers. MHC Sitebuilder websites are designed and engineered with this in mind and are 100% functional and usable for mobile devices.

Automatic Social Networking using Twitter and Facebook Pages

If you are already using Twitter and Facebook, you know how widespread the usage of these Social Networking tools has become. MHC Sitebuilder automatically adds new website content to both Facebook Page/Profiles and Twitter Feeds. If you have existing accounts, we can use those or establish new accounts when we are creating your MHC Sitebuilder website.

Registration with Google Maps and Google Places

MHC Sitebuilder will review your Google listings, confirm the office location is correct as well as add contact information if necessary.

Automatically Notify Google, Yahoo, Bing! and on Website Updates

A big part of scoring high with search engines is making sure that they know about your website. Our sites include all of the necessary components for Search Engine "Crawlers" to successfully find information on your website and we actively notify the search engines each and every time you make a change to the site.

Google Website Analytics Data

MHC Sitebuilder LLC uses Google Analytics to track site traffic. You will be provided access to these reports to measure the effectiveness of your website advertising.

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