The MHC Sitebuilder LLC Story

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"Most webmasters want to charge their clients as much as possible. I want as many clients as possible, paying a reasonable price for a great product."

Josh Johnloz, Founder

The History

MHC Sitebuilder started as a project from my father, who has worked in the Manufactured Home industry as Property Manager for almost 40 years. I had recently become unemployed after working for AOL Time Warner as a Software Engineer for 10 years. He told me that his company was having a hard time finding someone to build websites for their properties.

I started looking on the internet and talking to people I had met through AOL, trying to find a Web Developer that could build websites for Dad. At that time, I wanted to go a different direction from IT, so I did not consider doing the work myself. My plan was to find a reasonable Webmaster or Web Design Company that met the budget and let them handle the website building. I only had two requirements: reasonable price ($1500 max per site), and on-site managers must be able to modify the website.

After 6 months, I still had not located anyone to do the work. I decided to try building the websites myself. I was going to build these sites with all of the features I would want as a client, and not just use one of the available "template based" systems out there. My goal was to build a system with enough flexibility that it could be used for all Manufactured Home Communities, not just my father's parks. Rather than continue looking for a job, I decided to start this business to provide the service that I could not find.

A Unique Opportunity

My father shared his MHC industry experience and worked with me throughout the development of the system. He helped me to decide what we should include and how things should work. Not only did he give me his opinion, but he was overly critical when something didn't make sense to him. At first, I didn't realize how important this was, but it helped me build a great product.

My job at AOL involved working with our internal publishing tools (Systems used to build the AOL Websites). As an IT Professional, you mostly work with other IT people. Until I started working with my father and on-site managers for this project, I didn't realize how much of a separation I had gained from the typical computer user. While it is nice to have the computer knowledge and skills, I had lost touch with my users. The first few versions of MHC Sitebuilder I showed Dad received the most criticism. He kept telling me to make it easy. There were a few arguments, a few choice words exchanged, but I finally realized that my definition of "easy" was not the same as his.

MHC Sitebuilder Today

The MHC Sitebuilder system evolved into a full featured web publishing system. Clients can easily change text using the Website Editor, Change Photos with the Gallery Tool, List Homes for Sale, and Make Announcements. Our Website Tools are the easiest to use. Customers have the ability to change website colors or choose a theme. The flexibility for our clients is unparalleled among website systems.

The MHC Sitebuilder system is separate from the custom content for your community. We make sure the system is up to date, and our clients have the tools to keep website content current. Working together we provide compelling content to reach your web advertising goals.

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