Community Website System

Website Tools for MHC Community Managers

The MHC Sitebuilder Community Website system includes tools to help you easily add content, please visit any of our Client Websites to see these features live. If you would like to try the Community Website System, contact us and we will gladly provide access to our Demo Website. Our Community Sites include the following features.

Change Text: MHC Sitebuilder Website Editor

Easily change text on the existing webpages. If you want to update your pages with new information, just launch our website editor. Entering or modifying text with the "what you see is what you get" editor areas generates HTML Formatted Text for you. Making changes is a snap. Type what you want to see, and click save. Your website text is instantly updated.

Change Photos: Gallery Tool

Our Website system comes with photo galleries installed for you. These Galleries help you to easily add or change pictures on your website. Photos from the Park Photos gallery are displayed on the Photo Gallery Page, and 6 thumbnails are visible in the sidebar. The Home Page Gallery controls the photos displayed in the slideshow on the Homepage and Contact Us Page.

Stay Fresh With Announcements

Making announcements is an easy and useful tool for keeping in contact with residents and building your website content. The Announcements tool lets you quickly enter information and add a new page to your site. You can include pictures, or copy and paste directly from other documents. Links to recent announcements are visible on every page of the site, and also sent to Twitter and Facebook. Each time you make an announcement, you're automatically getting 3x the exposure on the web.

List Homes for Sale

Selling homes is part of life in Manufactured Home Communities. The Home Sales feature makes it easy to add a home listing to the website. Some clients are even charging residents and realtors for listings on their website as a source of revenue. Enter a title, description and upload some pictures, it's as easy as that. Home Listings include photo galleries with up to 20 photos. The listing tool creates a single webpage listing and adds a short version to the main Home Sales Page.

Event Calendar

Activities and Events are a big selling point in the MHC industry. The Events calendar makes it easy to add activities related to your property. The full calendar is displayed on the Calendar Page of the website, and upcoming events are listed on every page in the sidebar.

Advertise the Amenities!

The Website editor helps you organize and show off community amenities. The amenities list is displayed on the Homepage. Adding amenity specific pictures is easy with the gallery tool. There are two Amenities Galleries. Just upload pictures and the website will randomly display up to 8 pictures on the homepage.

Contact Us Page

Visitors to your site can send email directly from your site. You receive email that is easy to identify as sent from your website. Nothing shows professionalism like calling a prospective customer just a few minutes after they sent you a message from the website.

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